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Beef & Barley Soup

This homemade beef barley soup can be made ahead of time and freezes well making it the perfect family dinner!


  • Water 9-10 cups
  • Onion half cup chopped
  • Pearl barley 1 cup
  • Large bay leaf 1
  • Boneless chuck roast 1 pound Cut into small pieces
  • Carrots sliced 1 and a half cup
  • Celery sliced 1 and a half cups Mushrooms sliced 8 ounces Beef base 2 tbsp You can use here beef broth as well but beef base works like a charm and I have to use just 2 tbsp for this recipe


  • Take a pan and cook the beef according to your taste like how cooked you like your meat. When your beef is ready add it to a crockpot. Add the carrots, water, bay leaf, onion, celery, mushroom, and beef base. Cook at a high flame and then add the barley to it. Add salt and pepper to your taste and cook it until the beef and vegetables are cooked according to your requirements. Remove the bay leaf and serve it in a dish with fish crackers, some chili sauce, soya sauce, and lemon. Enjoy!

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